Gustav Mahler has touched untold lives through his music. Mahler Foundation’s mission is to channel this awareness – The Mahler Effect, as we call it – into a force for positive change by supporting projects that draw upon the transformative power of Gustav Mahler’s legacy. To that end, we are exploring ways of bringing the Mahler Effect into the 21st century and beyond, making Mahler’s works and perspective on life relevant to our time.

Our initial undertaking is a partnership with Het Concertgebouw in its capacity as the organisers of Mahler Festival 2020. This international cultural event, marking the 100th anniversary of the first-ever celebration of the composer in Amsterdam in 1920, is entitled “Mahler’s Universe” and will feature performances of all Mahler’s works by some of the world’s foremost orchestras and singers.

Mahler Foundation will contribute a series of events to augment the impact and reach of these concerts allowing us to highlight Gustav Mahler’s profoundly perceptive and generous view of life and art in the spirit of our mission:

  1. co-commissioning works by contemporary composers to be premiered alongside Mahler’s symphonies;
  2. hosting a film festival highlighting Mahler’s life and works in many different ways;
  3. organising a tree-planting ceremony for children choristers participating in the Festival;
  4. contributing to pre-concert and intermission talks and presentations;
  5. curating and producing a photo exhibition based on the Mahler Family albums;
  6. presenting a 2-day symposium by the Gustav Mahler Forum exploring issues crucial to Mahler’s personal sensibilities and concerns, including the environment, cultural identity, and religion;
  7. premiering the presentation of the first-ever Mahler Award, an international honour recognising an individual or organisation that demonstrates exceptional achievement and embodies the Mahler Foundation’s aims and areas of concern; contemporary art, youth culture, and the environment.  

We are excited by the many possibilities this cooperation offers us in bringing Gustav Mahler to the world, not only in his musical accomplishment but also in his profoundly perceptive and generous view of life and art.